Do you ever regret what you just said to your child?

4 Aug

Attachment Parenting has a new article that addresses common phrases parents use with their children and alternatives to the often hurtful and disrespectful ways we communicate with others. Although we’re not fond of the term “better parent”, the article provides a useful resource.

SUGGESTION: Print out the 10 alternative phrases and post them on your bathroom mirror as a daily reminder to try modifying your skills.

10  Phrases to Make a Better Parent
By Judy Arnall


Two examples of the 10:

INSTEAD OF: Because I said so!
TRY: I’ll explain my reasoning in five minutes when I’m not distracted so much.

INSTEAD OF: Stop that tantrum right now!
TRY: You feel frustrated and angry. Can I give you a hug?


Note: Five Threads believes that we’re all trying to do our best and  by pointing out that we could be “better” forces a comparison that sometimes confirms our own biases and doesn’t let us see other possibilities. Our philosophy is that there is never a single right answer when trying to improve a relationship.
(For more on “better parenting” see this article in Psychology Today.)

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